Now in terms of improving or even completely fixing your back, I have not attended any course, I am not a doctor, physio, chiro, or qualified in any way to give professional advice on this subject, BUT I been playing competitive sport for 35 years, I have had innumerable injuries, and I did suffer terrible sciatica, followed by awful back pain for years.

 So what I did was what I have been doing in my business for 30 years:

I read everything I could, I spoke to everyone, and then I tried it all out on myself, and frankly, I more or less stumbled upon the exact sequence of exact exercises and stretches which proved so very effective as a way to improve and I believe in many cases cure the back pain you are suffering.

It worked for me.

It worked for so many friends.

 But I must stress I can not diagnose or treat an individual case, I am not a doctor or qualified to give any medical advise, so by ordering you acknowledge that you understand and have read my disclaimer before ordering the E-Book "Fix Your Back in 5 Minutes Flat"

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The Revolutionary New and Fast Way to Fix Your Own minutes

Fix Your Back in 5 Minutes Flat

Fully illustrated, with easy to follow stretches and postures to be done each day.

Complete your routine in under 5 minutes for immediate and long lasting relief.

There is simply no reason in this modern age you need to suffer back pain anymore.

AND certainly, you really want to AVOID any back surgery.


And if you COMBINE it with these other suggestions, the results will seem miraculous.

Vicky K had terrible back pain which started suddenly aged 42.

NEVER had any problem before. EVER.

She started on the stretches in the book “Fix your back in 5 minutes flat” BUT her back was too painful to do many of even the easy stretches.

Out of the 8 required daily stretches she could only complete 3 of them.

The others hurt too much. 

She combined the 3 she COULD do, with the following DAILY all from the comfort of her own home:

-Massage ball

-OSKA Pulse pain relief device

-Chinese pain relief cream

-Hand held massage device 

In addition, she took super strong Omega 3 (anti-inflammatory) capsules from USANA.

(Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) is an anti-inflammatory: an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for discogenic pain.

It took 6 weeks, BUT she almost miraculously became pain-free again.

She can now complete all 8 stretches, which does as a preventative 4 day or so a week.

I NEVER ever want to experience such terrible back pain again” she says.

So, if YOU too are unable to complete all the stretches without pain, follow Vicki’s lead, and help yourself using added devices and creams.