There is simply no reason in this modern age you need to suffer back pain anymore. AND certainly, you really want to AVOID any back surgery.









This is the book I wrote after successfully saving my own back.

You can read the full story in the section "About the Author" on this website.

The Author, Mike Bentley, left, football (soccer) team, 1974

Mike Bentley, LAMMA CUP winner 2020, and the Australian Master Football  Games 2019. Still playing after fixing his back some 15 years ago!

In return, if it works for you, which it should if you actually DO the 4 minute stretches it requires, in the ORDER I recommend, for at least 7 days in a row, I simply ask that you put a LIKE on my video below in thanks to help me get the message to MORE people.

Download, and then GET STARTED TODAY and relieve your pain in the next couple of days.

Mike Bentley

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