An effective and fast way to help alleviate back pain:


"My back is so much better these days after years of trouble.  This has all evolved from the back moves you sent me. It’s been great."

"From the age of 40 on-wards the incidence of my lower back pain increased to the point of being incapacitated for several days at a time and requiring physiotherapy, acupuncture, walking aids and crutches. These episodes occurred two or three times a year on average.

You and I had exactly the same back problem and it was two things which you did for me that set me on the path to recovery.  Firstly, your recommended exercises. Secondly, you stressed the importance of regular (daily) 'body maintenance' through physical stretching and manipulation. That was 2009 on my last trip.

Back in the UK when I started to put the book's advice into practice, positive results and pain relief came within days."

The Revolutionary New and Fastest Way to Fix Your Own Back

My name is Mike Bentley. I wrote this E-book after solving my own back problems myself.

I have no medical training. I do not take Pilates classes or do Yoga. I don't use a physio. And haven't for years.

But like many of you, I had severe and debilitating lower back problems.

Nothing worked.

Then after nearly 7 years of lower back pain, I was able to cure my back problems in just a few days, in under 5 minutes a day.

I did this myself after reading and studying hundreds of things written about back pain, and after countless specialist visits.

My E-Book, "Fix Your Back in 5 Minutes Flat" gives you the exact stretches and movements I used to completely fix my back literally in 3 days, AFTER 7 years of agony, including serious sciatica, that physios, doctors, acupuncturists etc all could not fix, heal, or even really help.

This is not Yoga. Or Pilates. But they DO incorporate some aspects and techniques of both. In my experience, neither Yoga nor Pilates individually is able to solve back problems. 

After telling my story to friends, most of them also solved their own back problems following my easy and simple, but VERY effective system.

Anyone can do it, at anytime of the day or night, in under 5 minutes.

And within days, you will feel huge relief, and in most cases, if you keep up some maintenance a few times a week, will NEVER have the pain back again.

Read how YOUR back pain occurred here

My system is designed to be done at home in less than 5 minutes a day, by virtually anyone, and in most cases, will provide immediate, and long lasting relief.
In less than 5 minutes from NOW you can download the book and start to take a massive step to fixing your own back.

Around 10 years ago I travelled a lot on aeroplanes, was under massive stress at work having just set up my own company, and sat at my office desk for hours on end, whilst being a weekend warrior in sports.

All these things combined to create terrible back problems

I was struck down by a severe attack of sciatica. It was so bad that for many months, I could only work at my desk in periods of 10 to 15 minutes at a time, before having to curl up on my office floor in the foetal position for several minutes to relief the spasm and pain. I would then get back to my desk and start work again. Again for another 10 to 15 minutes before the same thing happened.

I’m sure many of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about.

Nothing fixed me.

Eventually, the actual sciatica attacks subsided, but it left me with an ongoing legacy of further chronic back problems.

I read many books on the subject. Many talked about the effect of stress, of sitting, of being overweight, of too much caffeine, too much soda, too little water, and so on and so on! INCREDIBLY, SOME BOOKS even suggested "get a lighter wallet! And "wear less tight clothes" and even"stop smoking"!

Thousands of pages. All basically saying there were so many steps needed to fix my back, my whole life would need changing, and would take countless hours and would STILL have no guarantee of solving my problems and that even if I did all this, there was no sure fire guarantee anything would change, but it “should” help.

BUT I wanted something to work straight away. Something to be effective.

Doctors and physios couldn’t fix my back.

I bought books in book shops, and on the internet. Some were unbelievable! SO complicated, and in my view useless. Some books listed 30 to 40 different exercises "to try".

In the mornings, I would drop from my bed to the floor. Crawl on my hands and knees to the kitchen, where I would take anti inflammatory and pain killers, just to be able to stand up.

This literally went on for years.

I remember clearly the day I fixed my back.

It was a Tuesday. On Wednesday a good friend of mine said afterwards “My God, what happened to you? We’ve never seen you so mobile in the 5 years we have known you”

I felt good, and did not realise it at the time, but my back problems were over.

I thought maybe it was just one of those lucky days! (If you are like me, you will know that some days are better than others)

The next morning, (remember normally I couldn’t get out of bed) I got up, and suddenly realised I had for the first time in years been able to get out bed without dropping to the floor first!

My back literally was fixed!



And that’s why I decided to MAKE THIS SO AFFORDABLE that anybody can afford to fix their own backs. And WITHIN DAYS and with less time than it takes to have shower.

How much is it?

Before I tell you how little I’m asking you to invest, let me first show you a few of the things you will find in my E-Book, "Fix Your Back in 5 Minutes Flat"...AND equally as importantly what is NOT in my book.  You see, when i was trying to solve my own back problems, I purchased LOTS of things on the internet, and read many "FREE" reports...none of which worked and WORSE, many of which were just plain stupid...

So you will NOT see in my book things like:

-Heat therapy

- Diet tips (Diet tips for back problems? I mean, really!)

- Magic "creams"

 - Electro magnetic, thunderstorm, silver, copper,  and magnesium       "therapies"

-  Positive thinking (If anyone thinks positive thinking will help their back problems, then....)


None of those things or anything like it are in my book.

So, exactly how much is it?  

“You Get Your Back Fixed for under $1 a month!”

"If you don't think getting your back fixed for under $1 a month is worth it, then you probably don't REALLY have serious back problems"


I would hope that makes this a no-brainer decision for you.

It's a one only payment of just $9.99 and you get the book for life!

You can start in just minutes from now! It's simple, safe, and easy to do, and best of all takes UNDER 5 minutes!

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This is less than one simple fast food meal.  But if your back problems are not causing you enough pain yet to invest in this E-book today... that’s good news indeed for you!

But what happens when that pain comes back to haunt you?

 What happens in a few weeks or months from now when the pain suddenly comes back? And you cannot find this website again!

 My E-Book, "Fix Your Back in 5 Minutes Flat" will help you not only relieve the pain you're having now... but also PREVENT it from coming back EVER again. That is what happened to me and many friends. There is no reason it can't happen for you to.

 After all, you've already experienced what it's like to miss out on the daily activities you love doing but can't do when your back pain is consuming your life. Having to sit down when out shopping. Not feeling like leaving the house.

 The point is - in 5 minutes from NOW you will be well on the way to stopping those days of back pain controlling your life.

Start the process right now, so that in minutes you will be on the way...

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 You’ll get instant access to My E-Book, "Fix Your Back in 5 Minutes Flat" and within the next 5 minutes you can do your first session...AND best of all, within just 5 MINUTES from now be well on the road to recovery!

Most people, probably around 70% of you, will notice a vast improvement tomorrow, after doing my exercises today, and another 10% odd will take a few days.

Another 10% could take up to three weeks before noticing any improvement. The final 10% of you will for whatever reason NOT get relief, and may need an operation or specialist medical treatment.

I am not an E-book writer or a medical doctor, I am a middle aged business person who solved my own back problems.

In my business life I believe in  long-term relationships so I hope that if you buy this book  you will ring your friends immediately upon purchase and get them involved too if they also have problems.

There is no pressure to buy. Whether you buy or not quite frankly makes absolutely no difference to my life. You buying this book at under $10 does NOT affect me in any way. I make no money from one sale.

But WHAT does matter is if you DO buy and when it works for you I would ask that you refer this book to others if you buy. That’s very important to me. So I  want to make sure you are completely happy, so you will do that for me. 

Sound fair enough?

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 Best wishes,

 Michael Bentley

Michael Bentley

P.S. Remember, what you invest in this E-book is just a tiny amount compared to the feeling you’ll get tomorrow when you know it is already starting to work. That's what happened to me. It took just days to fix what had been hurting for 7 years.



"As you will see in the book, the first time I was able to fix my back in a couple of days. This time it has taken me 13 days. 
Still a sensational result, from absolute pain to NO PAIN.”

Michael Bentley