EPILOGUE: Abbreviated version. (The full version is available in the book)

13 days to a completely fixed back, by the author.

"Tossing and turning the whole night long. Unable to get comfortable, and only able to sleep on one side.
My legs are curled in the foetal position to try to get some relief on my back.
 After waking I tentatively try to slowly lift myself up from the bed and lower my legs from the bed.

Very carefully I try to stand. Th e pain shoots through my back and I make my way the kitchen where I gulp down 2 pain killers.

Moving very slowly and carefully through the house, I wonder how I got in this position. My back is in agony, and here I am in the middle of writing a book on how to fix your back!
Let me go back a step.
This book is approx. half completed as I write this. Everything in the book is true. I did fix my back using the method shown, and for the past 7 or so years have been completely without pain.

Today, as I write this I am in agony.

This should be a warning for you all. I fell into the trap I mention SO MANY times in this book: do your exercises daily, EVERY DAY, even after you have fixed your back.

I had become very relaxed over my back, and never a tingle. I usually do the exercises several times a week.

And as you will also read, for the past 7 or 8 years, my back has been fine.  But  I have done everything wrong over the past 6 to 8 weeks, which is ALL  IT TAKES to throw everything out, and undo all the good things of
the past 7 years.

Even as I write this, I cannot believe how stupid I have been.

So, it is now THURSDAY. My back has been in agony since Saturday. I have even been thinking I need to see someone. 
Unbelievable. I saw everyone possible last time, BEFORE I fixed myself.

What am I thinking?

So yes, as you read this rest assured I know EXACTLY what YOU are feeling and going though.

So, for the next week, I am going to keep a brief diary, written down here, that I will publish with my book UNLESS I cannot fix myself, in which case, I have no right to publish the book, and clearly, it was just
luck last time I was able to fix my back problems.

However, I have full confidence this will work, BUT in saying that, I do have seeds of doubt
that anything can work quickly enough to fix in in the next few days before my birthday.

I NEED to be fixed by Thursday next week, as I have a lot of  birthday celebrations, which I REALLY want to enjoy.

I’m sure when you thought about getting this book, you felt the same. It worked for him, but I wonder if it will work for me? My pain/injury/problems could be different.
So here is my actual week’s journey, warts and all, written every night.


I haven’t stretched since I got the injury last Saturday, simply because it has been too sore, and I was worried it would hurt it more. But for the past 4 days, not only is it not getting better I think it’s getting worse.
To be honest, I am a bit scared. I really thought I was OVER all my back problems, hence the reason for writing the book.
But what if this problem cannot be fixed now?
Tentatively I start. First, the hip stretch (exercise #1 in my program)
My God. My left hip is SO tight. NO wonder it was the right hand side
of my back that “went.”

As you will read in my book, everything is connected. Clearly I have developed some major imbalances here, and are now paying the price.
This is not good. My right hip is tight, but not as bad.
Tentatively, I go into exercise #2. This feels so good, although I can barely get into close to the right position.
Again, tentatively I go through the others.

This version skips forward to: 

Stiffened up during the night, not easy to get out of bed again.
Did my stretches again this morning, Did three sets in total of the
bow, I find this one is feeling really good. Able today to do all the
stretches correctly. A good sign!
No change in being able to bend down, but progress getting into the
car this afternoon. Able to get in much quicker, still not as usual, but
now, instead of taking perhaps 10 seconds to slowly lift the second
leg in, after sitting, again being careful, can lift the leg in after about 5
seconds. The first sign in 4 days of progress.

Able to get out of bed sort of ok. Still very stiff and sore. Still can’t bend down.

Thursday I fly. A midnight flight stuffed in Coach, (economy) not going to be good for the back.
Tomorrow, is my birthday lunch, I really wanted to be good for this!
I’m not happy.

Off the plane early in the morning, done my stretches and feel great!
A long lunch and evening celebrating my birthday, no ill effects at all!

No problems. Feels fine now!  As you will see in the book, the first time I was able to fix my back in a couple of
days. This time it has taken me 13 days. Still a sensational result, from absolute pain to NO PAIN.”