How your Back Pain occurred: back pain causes

For many people, their back pain occurs suddenly. See Vicky's story here.

A twist. A turn. Lifting something heavy. Gardening. Playing sport.

The pain suddenly occurs, then so many of us then try to work out what “caused” it, and relate it to an incident such as one of the ones above as being the “cause.”

Unfortunately, this is, in most causes, NOT the cause of your back pain, but the result.

 The effect of many years of misalignment, of uneven muscle use, muscle imbalance, excessive wear and tear, physical dis-function and so on. Read more

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Have you been to Physio's, Doctors, Acupuncturists and Chiropractors, and yet you never got rid of your back pain?

You are not alone. This is because incredibly, there is in most cases, just a few simple stretches needed that target the UNDERLYING cause of pain and done correctly, in the right order, can completely rid you of your pain. 

These stretches you're about to learn, will BEST OF ALL, keep you pain free too!  By following a simple routine you can do at home in LESS than 5 minutes a day. 

Wouldn't you be willing to try a simple stretching routine to relieve back pains and hopefully save yourself from dangerous, expensive and potentially life-threatening surgery?

 BUT: They MUST be done in exactly the correct order, for EXACTLY the right time to be effective. and DAILY FOR THE BEST RESULTS FOR YOU BACK PAIN.

But what if you actually cannot do the stretches because the back-pain is too great?  Go here to see how Vicky handled this situation.