"Today I am completely pain free! I still find it incredible how easy it was to fix my back!
Simply put...you must start these exercises today!
It is life-changing.

Do NOT resign yourself to being in constant pain that will only get worse with age.

The best part is that these stretches take no time at all, so you can actually commit to doing them every day. So get started!"

Michael Bentley                        

The Author and his son at the Hong Kong Rugby 2018 

Michael Bentley does NOT do Yoga or Pilates and has no medical training.

Around 10 years ago he was traveling a lot on aeroplanes and sat at his office desk for hours running his own business while being a weekend warrior in sports.

All these things combined to create terrible back problems out of the blue after never having a single problem in his life before.

Michael embarked on a long journey to try fix his back as none of the various medical professions had been able to provide any back pain relief let alone a long term cure. 

Unable to find a professional who could provide the relief he sought, he embarked upon extensive research into all known treatments and remedies into back pain.

This book, You Back Fixed in 5 Minutes Flat, is the result of him basically stumbling upon a series of stretches in a specific order that cured his back problems virtually overnight, never to return. (except once which he explains in the book)

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