How your Back Pain occurred: back pain causes

For many people, their back pain occurs suddenly.

A twist. A turn. Lifting something heavy. Gardening. Playing sport.

The pain suddenly occurs, then so many of us then try to work out what “caused” it, and relate it to an incident such as one of the ones above as being the “cause.”

Unfortunately, this is, in most causes, NOT the cause of your back pain, but the result.

 The effect of many years of misalignment, of uneven muscle use, muscle imbalance, excessive wear and tear, physical dis-function and so on.

Years of walking around with bad posture, muscles imbalances, hunched shoulders, hips pitched forward or backward, sitting at a computer for hours on end, etc all cause the body to compensate, eventually causing your “sudden’ back pain when something is triggered. 

That’s why so many people say they “threw their back out” lifting something etc.
They seek back pain relief.

They search for a cure for back pain.

The facts are that virtually everybody has these imbalances, and the key is to correct them.

There are great musclebalance therapists around, who identify where your imbalances have occurred, and give you exact and correct exercises and stretches to help balance your body correctly. If you have the chance to visit one of these experts, I strongly recommend it.

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